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FORT WORTH TX 7/15/18 THRU 8/05/1


   Welcome to Lone Star Hatters and Western. Our website is designed to provide you with an overview of what we do. Our business is a combination of custom handmade felt hats, hat renovations, hat latches and western wear and tack.
Our main hat business is in building all beaver felt cowboy hats. We hand make each one to fit your head. We can also create your head shape in any hat it doesn’t have to be made by us.

    Hat renovations and re-creasing and shaping hats is also a service that we provide. Hats are mailed to us and we renovate and mail back.

    The Hat Latch is a hat accessory that we own and sell. It can be used to shape the brim of your hat, store and transport your hat as well.

    Several years ago we moved to West Texas and with the move we down sized our western store, but we still offer a selection of working tack and selection of western apparel for primarily for ladies and children.

    We have been in business since the late 80’s and have learned that we don’t have a big enough inventory to have all things for everyone, therefore, special orders are always welcomed.

    We continue to do many trade shows at equine events throughout the year. We still do all three NCHA shows in Fort Worth, as well as several stock show and rodeos and many more. Since moving to West Texas we support shows out there as much as possible.

    Hopefully in 2016 we will be launching customized wooden hat stretchers. These will be made in the shape of your head so that if your hats need to be stretched you can stretch them and maintain your custom fit. We also, have a mail out conformer that we can send out for customers who live too far away to come to the shop. This enables head shapes and measurements to be done and a custom fit. Lastly, we hope to offer custom hat latch shapes. Should be an exciting year!


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